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Interne Fort- und Weiterbildung

Die Universitäts-Klinik für Medizinische Psychologie Innsbruck bietet in regelmäßigen Fortbildungen einen Rahmen für Weiterbildung und fachlichen Austausch über neue wissenschaftliche, lehrspezifische, diagnose- und therapierelevante Fragestellungen. Neben Referaten, bei denen  Gäste aus dem klinischen- und niedergelassenen Bereich herzlich willkommen sind, finden auch regelmäßig klinikinterne, der Qualitätssicherung dienende Fortbildungen statt.





Abschlussbericht: Instrumente zur Implementierung von Trainings zur Sensibilisierung gegenüber Gewalt an Frauen

A health sector toolkit for implementing learning from violence against women trainings

Victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence deserve the very best from those organisations, teams and individual professionals who directly and indirectly provide care and support. Professionals, teams and organisations want to provide high-quality, victim-centred care. However, we must recognise that this is a challenging area within which to work. Bridging the gap between the commitment to do right by victims and survivors, and how this is done in practice, is why we embarked on this project and have developed this toolkit. Our four organisations came together to share our expertise and experiences. Our aim is to provide practical, good quality and adaptable training and learning tools that can be applied widely across many sectors and countries and which will improve the transfer of knowledge from courses into practice. The Leonardo grant stream, which has sponsored this project, is part of the European Union Life Long Learning fund. So this project is based on the principle of shared learning – our direct experiences – and also on the collation of and response to learners’ views in each of our countries and with whom our organisations have worked to provide training. This is not a research project. Its methodology is deliberately based on the experience of learners and trainers in the field, the barriers they have told us they faced when becoming skilled in this subject, and the methods and tools they told us that were most useful to them.



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